Have you ever given yourself a gift even if there was no special occasion?

It’s nice to give yourself something from time to time – it feels good to be able to buy something you like! But have you ever thought of giving yourself something more – something more enduring and life-changing even?

Here are 5 non-material gifts you can give yourself any time of the year:

  1. Finding reasons to smile and laugh every day. When was the last time you genuinely smiled at something or someone? When was the last time you laughed so hard that your belly and face hurt? Laughing may seem like a given each day but I invite you to consciously find reasons to smile and laugh – and be grateful for each of them, no matter how small.
  2. Celebrating life the way you want to. Are you living your life the way you want to? Or are you spending your energy wishing you were doing something else? Ask yourself how you would like to celebrate life and think of specific steps you can take to make it into a reality.
  3. Giving yourself time to explore and experience new things. Is there something you would like to learn? Maybe you would like to take classes just for fun or try traveling solo? Whatever it is you desire, give yourself permission to go after it! The fact that you have that desire means you want to grow – and honoring that desire presents you the opportunity to explore a new side of yourself.
  4. Making life changes that are driven by passion and happiness. Life decisions are not always easy to make. When faced with a big decision, spend some quiet time and do meditation and journaling so you can tune in to your heart’s desire and listen to your intuition before making a choice. You will know that you’ve made the right decision when you feel good about it!
  5. Creating a life that feels authentically you! YOU have the power to design your life! Living a life that feels authentic to you feels purposeful and happier – it just feels GOOD to take charge of your reality! When you show up as your authentic self, you invite others to do the same. And in this way, you are spreading love and light, too!

Which of these gifts will you be working on?