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Nice to meet you! I’m Kimilu, a Life and Corporate Coach based in the Philippines dedicated to helping individuals, teams and companies in their journey towards more positivity and confidence! I believe that life is a party – let’s celebrate it every day and in every way!

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Every day, something changes – and most of it is out of our control. We want to empower you with timeless tools so you can remain calm and grounded even amidst obstacles – and see the bigger picture in any circumstance.

Sacred Space Certification

The world needs YOUR heart-centered and conscious leadership.

A sacred space holder can be a mentor, coach, or practitioner but not all mentors, coaches, and practitioners know how to hold space in a holistic manner.

The SacredSpaceTM Certification offers the best methods on raising your communication skills and consciousness so you can guide your teams and tribes holistically into the success you want for them and the success they deserve!





 A FREE program with 10 different meditation practices that can help clear and calm your mind, get better sleep immediately after the first guided meditation, and open your heart again to everyday miracles. 


“Sacred space for me is a space where I can be who I am, feel cared for and practice self-care – and being in the company of a person or people where I feel truly safe and accepted. It has taught me to expand myself – it’s a feeling of warmth that I feel in my heart – like home.”

Michelle Tambunting

Early Childhood Educator, Preschool Owner and Certified SacredSpace Holder

“A sacred space is different for everybody. Essentially for me, it’s about a safe space. A place where you can be yourself – and place where you can let go. Kimi provided us a safe space to learn and it has empowered all of us to create something from our hearts.”

Yona Signo

Entrepreneur and Business Strategist and Certified SacredSpace Holder

“When I saw the SacredSpace Certification, I felt like it was calling me and I felt it was a good time for me to start leveling up what I offer to my clients. It has allowed me to learn so many new things when it comes to caring, communicating and coaching my clients. The spaces we create is really something special.”

Renelyn Tan – Castillejos

Certified KonMari™️ Consultant and Certified SacredSpace Holder

“Sacred space is a place in your heart where your true self resides – the part of yourself that knows even before your brain comprehends. The program gave me a sense of belongingness. It was a space where I felt the most accepted, which I didn’t realize I was looking for. It’s the space where I felt safe to be myself – and because I felt safe, I was able to let my authentic self shine through. Being in the presence of kindred spirits and soul sisters gave me the confidence to let myself be seen – and helped me open myself up to people. It has given me with clarity and a deeper understanding of my purpose and has helped me infuse my business with spirituality.”

Kath Elefante

Soulful Storyteller and Certified SacredSpace Holder

“I used to think of sacred space as a physical place in your house where you spend quiet time. But I learned that sacred space is really a space you create for other people, regardless if you’re together or not, where they feel safe, they can be themselves and be able to acknowledge fear, blocks and anxieties and be comfortable knowing that the people around them are not judging them. A SacredSpace holder will not give them solutions but will hold the space for the person where they are in their journey. Now more than ever, I have realized how it is so aligned with the purpose I have found, which is being able to hold space for cancer patients because there are times when holding space just means being there for the person. It’s not a physical dimension – it’s a space that you create so that people feel safe in their vulnerability.”

Charity Marohombsar

Cancer Coach, Life Doula and Certified SacredSpace Holder


Intentional Guidebook to

Celebrate Life!

Have you tried ‘Masturdating’? My intentional guidebook has a series of exercises for soul-searchers who want to practice more self-love.



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