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Nice to meet you! I’m Kimilu, a Life and Corporate Coach based in the Philippines dedicated to helping individuals, teams and companies in their journey towards more positivity and confidence! I believe that life is a party – let’s celebrate it every day and in every way!

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Every day, something changes – and most of it is out of our control. We want to empower you with timeless tools so you can remain calm and grounded even amidst obstacles – and see the bigger picture in any circumstance.

Sacred Space Certification

The world needs YOUR heart-centered and conscious leadership.

A sacred space holder can be a mentor, coach, or practitioner but not all mentors, coaches, and practitioners know how to hold space in a holistic manner.

The SacredSpaceTM Certification offers the best methods on raising your communication skills and consciousness so you can guide your teams and tribes holistically into the success you want for them and the success they deserve!





 A FREE program with 10 different meditation practices that can help clear and calm your mind, get better sleep immediately after the first guided meditation, and open your heart again to everyday miracles. 


“I am grateful for this program because it has enabled me to reach my goals. Through Kimi’s practical and doable exercises, you will realize that you can become a better person. I was able to challenge myself – to stretch and stand up for myself by expressing my thoughts. Doing the exercises gave me ‘aha!’ moments that everything I need to become better is already in my life – I just need to make use of them. I was able to appreciate myself more through this program. It is indeed a life-changing experience!”

Ize Casiño

The Confidence Boost Program exceeded my expectations. I feel that it slowly tore down the walls of different limiting beliefs that I didn’t know that I had. I feel like shackles we’re broken, and I am free to live my best life.

As someone who leads two businesses, multiple ministries, writes books, gives talks while doing my best to prioritize my marriage and family, I felt that my life was spinning around, and I didn’t know what was happening most of the time. Through Kimi’s help, I found the right footing, I was able to tap the right source of abundance, and I felt closer to God through the activities. If you have a busy life and you want further breakthrough success, you need this program.

JPaul Hernandez

The fascinating thing about the program is that it truly inspires confidence so you can be the best version of yourself. It opens your mind up to the endless possibilities that are within your reach and gives you the conviction that everything is within your reach and that you can do it all if you set your mind to it. You cannot know everything so sometimes guidance from someone like Kimi is what you need to become someone you never thought you would be.

Her #ConfidenceBoostProgram does that. She brings the sense of calmness and confidence in every meeting. Her advice are always spot on, doable and achievable. I feel even more grateful everyday after a month with Kimi. I value myself more and have become more aware and accepting of my strengths and weaknesses.

Gyle Dominguez


Intentional Guidebook to

Celebrate Life!

Have you tried ‘Masturdating’? My intentional guidebook has a series of exercises for soul-searchers who want to practice more self-love.



5 gifts you deserve to give to yourself

Have you ever given yourself a gift even if there was no special occasion? It's nice to give yourself something from time to time - it feels good to be able to buy something you like! But have you ever thought of giving yourself something more - something more...


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