A free program to help you

start your self-discovery journey

Would you like to release your worries, fears and doubts? 

Allow me to help you deepen your mindfulness practice with easy-to-follow guided meditations that can help boost your positivity, heal your energy and create space for more love and light in your life!

Each meditation will come with prompts for reflection PLUS a few surprises!


“I’m just on Day 2 and I got the best sleep of my life this COVID season. Thanks, Kimi. You are a gift. Sharing this to my over-thinker friends.”


– @izzersmcizzers

“I was able to send light and love to a far away loved one and I felt the connection instantly. I also received a message from that person the morning after my meditation.”


– Olive M.

“I like all of the meditations because I have different kinds of experiences while doing them. Sort of different energy levels for each meditation episode.”


– Marge T.

“I like the meditation program and I am very satisfied. I feel blessed every time I do them.”


– Clarissa L.

“I owe a lot to you, Ms. Kimi Lu. Your 10-day Meditation Program has helped me a lot. I am a worrier but I have slowly learned to accept the situation that we are in. I still worry from time to time but I always do the breathing meditation and I bounce back and tell myself ‘everything is going to be a-ok’. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


– Ruby C.

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