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Would you like to release your worries, fears and doubts?

Allow me to help you deepen your mindfulness practice with easy-to-follow guided meditations that can help boost your positivity, heal your energy and create space for more love and light in your life!

Each meditation will come with prompts for reflection PLUS a few surprises!

The breath is a gift you give to yourself.

Did you know that we take about 1,000 breaths each hour?

This number emphasizes how important breathing is to every second of our lives. Apart from providing us with oxygen, breathing is also a powerful tool for healing and self-soothing. The best part is, it’s always accessible to us! 

Every time we inhale, it creates space for calmness, and every time we exhale, it helps release tension and accumulated stress. It’s a simple way of enhancing our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The key to harnessing its power is by infusing awareness into our breathing habits – and a good starting point would be meditation.

Through this free program, you will be able to:

  • Have a clearer mind and better sleep immediately after doing the first guided meditation
  • Release worries and fears through conscious breathing, grounding and simple cleansing practices that you can easily repeat even after the program
  • Learn how to program your entire body to be healthier and stronger with a series of powerful mantras
  • Take care of yourself and your loved ones, especially those who are far away and need emotional support, by channeling and learning how to send love and light
  • Start or strengthen your gratitude practice, which can uplift your emotions and help you see and appreciate everyday miracles


“I’m just on Day 2 and I got the best sleep of my life this COVID season. Thanks, Kimi. You are a gift. Sharing this to my over-thinker friends.”


– @izzersmcizzers

“I was able to send light and love to a far away loved one and I felt the connection instantly. I also received a message from that person the morning after my meditation.”


– Olive M.

“I like all of the meditations because I have different kinds of experiences while doing them. Sort of different energy levels for each meditation episode.”


– Marge T.

“I like the meditation program and I am very satisfied. I feel blessed every time I do them.”


– Clarissa L.

“I owe a lot to you, Ms. Kimi Lu. Your 10-day Meditation Program has helped me a lot. I am a worrier but I have slowly learned to accept the situation that we are in. I still worry from time to time but I always do the breathing meditation and I bounce back and tell myself ‘everything is going to be a-ok’. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


– Ruby C.

“All these are very inspiring. It gives me peace of mind when I start my day listening to these podcasts over and over. Heartwarming and it brings me to a different level of inner peace and serenity.”


– Sheryl C.

“I am grateful for this 10-day Meditation Program because it helped clear my head each night before sleeping. I love how they’re digestible and short. I love that they are a source of peace and love especially during this pandemic.”


– Chai A.

“It helped me wash out all of my negative thoughts and just appreciate the present moment.”


– Marlowe P.

“Every episode is magical in its own way. Some of these I haven’t encountered in my spiritual journey – and the way she talked about each is very refreshing. Ms. Kimi has a very soothing voice and she has her way with words that will instantly relax your tight muscles.”


– Khim Y.

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