Well-Being Boost Program


Have you heard of the physics principle “No two things can occupy the same space”? This applies to our thoughts and emotions, too.⁣ 

If you are always worried and anxious about the future, then there’s no space for calmness, joy, and clarity in the present. If you are consumed with negative thoughts, there’s no room for the positive thoughts.

What if you can let go of your worries now? What if you can quiet that voice in your head that’s replaying your anxious thoughts? What if you can bring back calmness and clarity into your day?⁣

I created the Well-Being Boost Program to help worriers like you release your FEARS – fear of the future, fear of getting sick, fear of change and uncertainties – and turn them into FUEL to boost your positivity and health!

This program will empower you with tools to help you remain grounded, calm, and clear-headed amidst uncertainties and obstacles so you can live your day-to-day life with more intention, compassion, gratitude, and courage.

Through this program, you will be able to: 

  • Learn proven tools to help you establish a daily well-being practice
  • Become more present and let go of your worries and fears, and prevent negative thoughts from affecting your emotional and mental well-being 
  • Have the clarity to take intentional action towards your goals



YOU have the power to overcome and face the present with calmness, optimism, and purpose – and you’ll have the #protons community cheering you on and supporting your personal development journey! Empower yourself NOW. 

Live Zoom sessions: November 9, 16, 23 and 30 at 8pm (Manila time)  


on One

You might have felt stuck even before our ‘new normal’ began – and it seems easier to just stay in the patterns you are used to. That changes NOW. YOU can go beyond your comfort zone and create the life you want. Working with me closely through focused one-on-one sessions will give you immense clarity and help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be.



 For teams who are working from home and finding it difficult to communicate, collaborate and stay productive, this is an empowering wellness program to help your team become more adaptable so you can reach your goals together. 

Program Partners

“I was at my life’s lowest point when I enrolled for Kimi’s Well-Being Boost Program. She was very understanding and patient with me. I felt like the program was really customized for my needs. Every session was surprising and it surely gave me those “aha” moments. I realized that I can do more and I can be not just better but the ‘best version of myself.’ The program helped me to be more aware, present and compassionate towards myself. I am grateful for every experience and to get to know new people. This is one of the best birthday gifts I ever had.”


Jasmine Lasam

“Thank you for teaching us how to manage overwhelming feelings with proper breathing exercises. It’s true that when you are angry, you tend to hold your breath. So whenever I feel overwhelmed, angry, or stressed, I just do what Ms. Kimi taught us: take a deep breath in, then slowly breathe out.”


Ariane Ponaya

“I used to gravitate towards having a negative mindset. Miss Kimi taught me that everything can be seen from a positive perspective. I was also able to identify what it is that I want out of life and how I can achieve these. Participating in the Well-Being Boost Program was definitely the best decision that I made during this ECQ!”


Carol Premacio


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