Dearest #Protons, 
I can’t sum up blisstifying 2015 in 9 photos!!! It was everything I wished and prayed for, sobra sobra pa!

I know how cliche hashtag #blessed would be at this point, but seriously, I don’t care!!! I really feel #blessed! And oh my gosh you have no idea how excited I am for 2016! I mean if 2015 was great, then how can it get any better than this?!? 
I am fired up! I really feel that the new year will be a celebration of sorts! I hope you realize the beauty of a new clean slate and make the most out of it! I love you so much #protons!!! 
LET’S DO THIS, Universe, Creator, Jesus Christ, Angels, Energy, mga Bathala, and kung ano ano pang makakatulong saating lahat!!! AMEN!!! 💚💚💚
Your Loving Life Coach,