Dearest #Protons, 
I don’t know where to begin or how! This was a mere figment of my imagination and now it’s literally larger than life! How could I have manifested this dream? Allow me to nurture the child within me first and then let me tell you the bigger purpose of this post. This is a freaking dream come true! Since 2004, when I started becoming a talent for TV Commercials, I’ve expressed this verbally to people close to me that I really want to have a billboard – and if it’s not on EDSA, then it won’t count! I swear, I never stopped dreaming since. Now I don’t have one, but TWO billboards on SM Megamall, E-D-S-A!!! Whaaaat! How can it get any better than this?!? (I’ll tell you on the next paragraph!)
It gets better because of the Body Positivity movement I am now advocating along with the help of SM Woman Plus! More than my dream coming true, I realize now that there are more dreams coming true because of the awareness that SM Woman is creating! More women are becoming confident, becoming stronger, embracing their uniqueness, embodying positivity, loving themselves, and loving others fully.  
I can’t be more amazed with God’s alignment! I am so happy that I get to roll out this movement to each individual I coach, train, teach, mentor, and counsel. I am so grateful I get to flaunt my sexiness (yes, I call it that) with all of you, and I love it! (I hope you love it too!!! hihi!) 
I have adhered to my tagline: “They all laugh cause I’m different, I laugh cause they’re all the same!” and I stand true to it with each cell and fiber of my being! 
Stay true. Be you. Love YOU!!! Never stop dreaming! 
Your Loving Life Coach, 


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