The Giving #protons29 Challenge

Dearest #Protons,

I can’t believe it’s our 5th year of doing this, creating waves of good vibes! Another leap year has come and we are back to our 29 days of positive challenges! For the first timers, I want to tell you brief history of what #protons29 is all about.

In 2012, we aimed to radiate positivity through creating a community of people who want to change for the better and with that in mind, we challenged ourselves to do positive things.

In 2013, we became full-fledged love workers and we were tasked to do more good things for ourselves and for others. You can’t imagine the energy we were all sharing at this time.

In 2014, with the help of the Gratitude Jar Community, we focused our challenges to have an attitude of gratitude. Our positivity grew bigger and deeper.

Last year, we had #protons all over the world thinking, feeling, and doing well for 28 days. A lot of life pondering questions were answered and resolved.

This year, we want to focus on “The Giving #protons29 Challenge”. It will be a series of daily tasks that will help our giving muscles to work double time. Perhaps we will become generous with our talents, abilities, gifts, and many more. We will be aiming to give back to the world, the Universe, rather. Hehe!

Are you ready to amplify the goodness all around you? Commit to a 29-day challenge of giving. Now, how much can you give?

Oh, and yes, it’s absolutely FREE to join this program.

Your Giving Life Coach,