Work-from-Home Well-Being


As the line between home and office continues to blur, maintaining personal well-being while working from home might have become more difficult to manage on your own.

As a pioneer life and leadership coach in the Philippines, Kimilu has trained progressive companies and global teams on how to cultivate an optimistic and collaborative work environment grounded on intention, gratitude, compassion and courage.

Through your Well-Being Boost SacredSpace® Holders, corporate teams receive well-being support so they can continue serving their clients with more heart even amidst uncertainty and evolving work structures.

The Well-Being Boost Program has empowered almost 500 people with holistic tools – and we’d love to share them with you through a FREE Introduction to our Corporate Program!

What you’ll get from this session:

  • Discover holistic tools that can help you and your team manage pandemic fatigue
  • Learn how you can enhance your team’s capacity to work together, even in a virtual environment
  • Experience a renewed sense of personal wellness


Who can attend:

  • Decision-Makers
  • HR Managers and Directors
  • Employee Engagement and Wellness Coordinators