Be a Certified Sacred Space Holder!

Have you ever been at a loss for words?
Have you struggled to find the right words to help people feel more comfortable?
Have you ever felt as though you failed to convey your message clearly?
Have you ever wished you could achieve greater goals and help others to do the same?
Would you enjoy helping others while being paid abundantly to do so?

If you answered “Yes”, your spirit will soar as you read these words and discover how your life will change forever. I’ve transformed my life and thousands of others by using certain principles, which I am willing to share with you!

When I became a pioneer Life Coach in the Philippines 10 years ago, I quickly created a wonderfully fulfilling and successful coaching practice by combining all the best techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Reiki and NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) with masterful communication and spiritual processes. Over the last decade, thousands of clients have experienced phenomenal results from the infusion of these modalities!!!

I’ve coached people from all around the world helping them create better communication skills, better teams and a greater sense of peace. Now, I want to continue to transform as many lives as possible, but I simply can’t do it all by myself! So I am rolling out my Sacred Space Certification Program.

If you’re someone who wants to create memorable and effective presentations, that not only make a difference, but also create RESULTS…


If you’re someone who wants to be more motivated, more inspired and more open to becoming confident in effective communication and holding safe, sacred spaces that nurture people…

Training begins:

 August 20, 2020

Doors close on August 15, 2020

If your spirit is calling you to be part of world transformation (‘cause we all know our world needs more compassion, better communication and sweeter spirits!!! Can I get an “Amen”?) — then this certification training is what you’ve been waiting for!


“She really inspired me to rebuild my life. When I met her, I was at a very low point in my life – a time where I had lost everything from work to the place we were living in, my credibility even. She inspired me to go back to a place of bliss and joy – and she helped me get back on my feet. I am grateful for Kimi because she taught me how to love – love myself fully and freely and now I can love others into loving themselves, too.”

– Martine de Luna,

Transformational Coach and Personal Brand Consultant

“Kimi’s NLP training taught us how to understand the problems or pain points of our customers – that’s the best training I got from her.”

– Jose Gemora,

Fitness Coach and Health and Wellness Speaker
“I am grateful for Kimi because I wouldn’t be the coach that I am today without her training.”

– Paulo Sotelo,

ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach and Head Coach of 360 Fit Teams
“I’ve had clearer paths to visualize and altogether, a calmer perspective on challenges that I had in the past 4 years. I am grateful for Kimi because I have celebrated my own life differently because of her.”

– Toni Collantes,

Well-Being Life Coach (based in Las Vegas, USA)

Sacred Space Certification offers the best methods on raising your communication skills and consciousness so you can guide your teams and tribes holistically into the success you want for them and the success they deserve!

YOUR life will transform as you go through your training. Why? Because you will learn, apply and LIVE these powerful tools in your own life as well as transform your personal, home and work spaces so you can create and hold sacred space for others. You will begin to see, feel and experience greater happiness, well-being, peace and prosperity as you deepen the practice of sacred space.

Creating and holding sacred space for someone is to give them a safe space where they can be seen and heard without the fear of judgment. It involves practicing compassion and empathy so that a person can freely express his or her problems, desires and dreams.

When you create a sacred space for someone, you are being a catalyst – you are guiding them in their journey to becoming their authentic selves and helping them welcome change graciously.

Creating and holding space for someone creates a ripple effect. Your work then becomes a sacred expression of who you are and your mission – that by saying yes to creating and holding a sacred space for others, you are also saying yes to more light in the world.

Why do you need

Sacred Space Coaching?

The times call for heart-centered and conscious leadership.

A sacred space holder can be a mentor, coach, or practitioner but not all mentors, coaches, and practitioners know how to hold space in a holistic manner.

As in-person interactions are still limited, there is a greater need for clear yet compassionate communication – and digital platforms pose certain challenges.

Leadership is not just about numbers, strategy and output –
it’s also about genuinely caring about the people you’re serving.

You already know what to do!

Join this program as the times are calling for YOUR heart-centered service!

Through the Sacred Space Certification, you will be able to learn how to navigate through the complexities of modern communication with a mindful approach: help the people you’re serving by honoring their experiences, having the emotional capacity to understand where they’re coming from, and expressing your intention in guiding them with clarity and confidence.

What is the

Sacred Space Certification?

The Sacred Space Certification is a 10-week program designed to empower professionals, coaches, and consultants in their desire to serve clients, teams and community members with a heart-centered approach.

Through this course, you will be able to:

  • Discover how you can use my distinct mind-body-spirit framework in creating multi-sensory experiences in promoting your product, programs, workshops and/ or modules 
  • Discover how to infuse your leadership style with compassion so you can best serve your clients, team members, and/or community
  • Learn how to develop an authentic communication style that can help you make genuine connections with the people you serve
  • Empower yourself with essential soft skills that can help you handle and resolve conflict within your team, organization or community and at any point in your customer’s journey

At the end of this course, you must be able to create your own holistic program customized to your market or line of work using the tools you’ve learned in the past 10 weeks and do an initial run with the rest of the class as your clients.

Enroll in this course if you are:

  • A coach or consultant looking to grow your business by guiding more clients in achieving their personal and business goals 
  • A builder or leader engaged in a service-oriented business or practice who wants to build lasting relationships with stakeholders 
  • An entrepreneur who wants to create a culture of compassion and inclusivity in order to fulfill the company’s mission of serving customers wholeheartedly 

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The original price for this course is $2,000 but I’m giving it to you at 50% OFF when you join the pioneer batch! I can’t wait to transform more lives with you and through you!

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