Mastermind Program

A MASTERMIND refers to a group of people who share their goals and hold each other accountable for achieving those goals. For a certain period, they meet regularly to check each other’s progress, cheer each other on, and share advice that might be helpful for someone else.

If you’re aiming to achieve an important goal, then this is your sign to join a MASTERMIND group where you can share your ideas, strategize and brainstorm with like-hearted beings!

Joining the Growth-Seeker Mastermind Program gives you a chance to get to know yourself in a deeper way through learning from and with others!

The Growth-Seeker Mastermind Program is for:

  • heart-centered leaders who want to take courageous action towards their goal
  • entrepreneurs who are seeking a sense of clarity for their next step
  • professional consultants who need more focus and guidance in the fulfillment of a passion project or life-changing endeavor

Program Schedule

Live sessions will be held at 9pm on Zoom every other Monday (2x a month).
4-month program: Php35,000 ($700)