SacredSpace® Certification offers the best methods on raising your communication skills and consciousness so you can guide your teams and tribes holistically into the success you want for them and the success they deserve!

Here are some of the Sacredspace® Holders ready to hold space for you using the tools and technique they learned from SacredSpace® Certification.

Ana Castro
Bea Espiritu
Cathleen Villamin
Ciara Venezia Roman
Claire Jamias-Ricasata
Jo Uygongco
Joan Gallares
JoAnn Yao Gue
Kath Elefante
Krysta Rivera
Marge Caponpon
Maureen Beatriz Villanueva
Mikey Dosdos
Nonita Cabezas
Paula Leido
Paulie Durig
Pinky Luna-Dy
Quenzo Agravio
Rachel Jamiro
Renelyn Tan-Castillejos
Thammie Aliwalas
Thea Pineda
Tina DG
Virginia Aileen Cayco-Bonifacio
Yona Lusica Signo