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KIMILU coaches through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy,
and Reiki Healing. She is passionate about Celebrating Life!




It’s FRIDAY! Aren’t you in love? 

Dearest #Protons,  This is a sweet reminder for you to be in love for the simple fact that you are alive. You are breathing. You are experiencing life right now.  Aren't you just so meant to read this message right now? Think of things you should be grateful for right...

Back to Nothing by AA Patawaran

  Back to Nothing To connect to the source is to return to it, a deeper take on chakra meditation with the help of reiki healer Kimi Lu  AA Patawaran Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Editor April 12, 2015 www.mb.com.ph/back-to-nothing      Close your eyes. The instruction is...

Grateful Jar

Your gratitude boost for 2015!  Our life’s purpose is to inspire as many people as possible to be positive, and to motivate and encourage them to find their own life’s purpose. In the course of our journey of positivity, we have discovered that happiness lies in the...