What is a GOAL DIGGER?

A goal digger is someone who digs in to do the dirty work to become the person they want to be – someone who has clearly defined goals to achieve success in their own terms.

Being a goal digger means having a limitless mindset and taking intentional action! And I want to empower YOU with this mindset through the Goal Digger Workshop Series!

This series features collaborative workshops to help you get clear on what you want, attract abundance, redefine yourself and celebrate each step in your journey! Prepare to learn from a diverse set of entrepreneurs and have fun learning about tools to get you from surviving to thriving!

July 18 (Saturday), 2 – 5pm

Organize Your Life: Attracting Abundance Through Organizing by Issa Reyes, Konmari Consultant-in-Training and founder of @neatobsessions


Issa Reyes is a professional organizer and Konmari Consultant-in-Training who founded Neat Obsessions, a passion project about making spaces neat and organized that has grown into a movement. After getting her certification from the IAPO (International Association of Professional Organizers in New Jersey) and NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers in Texas), she took a leap of faith and transformed her passion into a business.

For Issa, every project is not just about sorting, organizing and beautifying. Her degree in BS Psychology and background in human resources became helpful in assessing where the happiness of her clients was really coming from – and the whole process becomes a self-discovery journey. Through Neat Obsessions, Issa hopes to inspire other moms like her to find order in their homes and place of work as well as in their personal well-being.

July 25 (Saturday), 2 – 5pm

Divine Reinvention: Redefining Your Self-Worth by Body Positivity Activist and Model Rona Tai (@rownita)


Rona Tai is a plus-size model and a body positivity activist on a mission to break beauty stereotypes. She and her husband Eric Tai won third place in The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 – and in the process disproved some of the misconceptions about full-figured men and women.

She has always been confident about who she is – and uses social media as a platform to challenge outdated beauty standards. Through her posts about her daily life and modeling projects, she hopes to inspire others to learn to love their true selves and not be defined by others’ perception of beauty.

She believes that embracing your true beauty is the path to authentic confidence – and doing so liberates you from seeking permission to live life on your terms.

August 22 (Saturday), 1 – 5pm

Made for Excellence: A magical interactive course on Customer Experience (CX) and Leadership Excellence (LX) for real personal and organizational changes and results by @jerontravel CEO @chalchang

My Excellence Buddy Chal Chang Lontoc-del Rosario is a host, recognized woman entrepreneur, and applies improvisational skills from her stage experience with SPIT (Silly People’s Improv Theater).

Chal is also the CEO of Jeron Travel, a leading and multi-awarded travel agency based in the Philippines, and the founder of Feel Good MNL, an online platform that promotes inspired mindful living.

Chal has always been a voracious learner – and Made for Excellence is her way of sharing the best insights from her Applied Improv classes and courses from HarvardX and Disney Business Institute.

This course is also infused with my expertise in Essential Skills training and holding space for people who want to change their state of mind into a more positive one. You will find value in this course if you’re an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, customer service executive, sales and marketing professional, HR practitioner, and visionary leader who wants to learn new ways of delivering excellence to your customers!


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