Sunrise to Sunset

A Healthy(-ish) Person’s Guide to Ramadan


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About the Book

Ramadan Mubarak! I hope to provide you with a toolkit of the latest nutrition news to help approach fasting in a simple yet intentional way this year. Ramadan can often lead us to feeling in survival mode with shortened sleep, low energy and demanding daytime schedules. Let’s help optimize your physical health as you strengthen your spiritual well-being this month.


Private Dining

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Dr. Samar Rashid

Dr. Samar Rashid, DO is a board-certified family medicine physician. She believes in reimagining healthcare through conscious doctoring, one patient at a time. By co-creating an individualized plan with her patients, she uses food medicine as one of her many tools in delivering care. Her passion for medicine coincides with her love for food, translating into an earnest desire to create a space of healing in the kitchen. She is finishing her culinary medicine certification (CCMS®) to help serve as a bridge between nutrition and medicine for her community.