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    For a Bigger Bolder Better 2016

    Dearest #Protons,  I can’t sum up blisstifying 2015 in 9 photos!!! It was everything I wished and prayed for, sobra sobra pa! I know how cliche hashtag #blessed would be at this point, but seriously, […]

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    I have a freaking BILLBOARD on EDSA! 

    Dearest #Protons,  I don’t know where to begin or how! This was a mere figment of my imagination and now it’s literally larger than life! How could I have manifested this dream? Allow me to […]

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    You are extraordinary! 

    Dearest #Protons,  How’s your Monday doing so far? Do you know how extraordinary you are?!? This is our Monday Mantra for today, and @dearpomatomom’s too! Just like her #happysnowflakeproject, it depicts everyone’s uniqueness. Did you […]

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    Just for today, BE FAIR. 

    Dearest #Protons,  Take a look at this photo. I love it because I resonate so well with it. It’s funny when I see people’s reactions when I surprise them with a sudden back bend or […]

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    Fill your heart with gratitude! 

    Dearest #Protons,  I would like to introduce to you the artist of this piece, @claireganzonart. I met her back in 2008 when she was in college and I facilitated their multi-media org team building. I […]

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    I’m sexy and I know it! 

    Dearest Loving & Accepting #Protons,  There are a lot of plus sized women out there who need awareness and inspiration. As an @SMWoman brand ambassador and as a life coach, I feel I must do […]

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    It’s ok not to be ok. Really?!?

    Dearest #Protons, It’s Wednesday today! I found this post online and thought it would be nice to share with all of you.  I totally resonate with this. It’s very real. When coaching lives, the most […]

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    It’s FRIDAY! Aren’t you in love? 

    Dearest #Protons,  This is a sweet reminder for you to be in love for the simple fact that you are alive. You are breathing. You are experiencing life right now.  Aren’t you just so meant […]

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    Back to Nothing by AA Patawaran

      Back to Nothing To connect to the source is to return to it, a deeper take on chakra meditation with the help of reiki healer Kimi Lu  AA Patawaran Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Editor April […]

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    Grateful Jar

    Your gratitude boost for 2015!  Our life’s purpose is to inspire as many people as possible to be positive, and to motivate and encourage them to find their own life’s purpose. In the course of our […]

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