I’ve always believed that confidence swings like a pendulum – it’s something you have for a time until you lose it again by way of circumstances out of your control and by the careless words of people. As someone with impostor syndrome, I’ve never really felt confident in my work and in who I am as a person – I’ve always felt like an outsider, sometimes an invisible ‘rebel’, most times a weirdo with zero social skills (introvert + empath + INFJ = awkward). I was ‘today’ years old when I realized you can cultivate confidence by setting the intention of being confident as opposed to just faking it. I’ve been on @kimilulifecoach’s #ConfidenceBoostProgram for the last 3 weeks and the things I have learned has helped me change my life. When I show up for myself to do the internal work, I can rest and celebrate all the things that make me who I am – and that can never be taken away.

Kath Elefante

I had Reiki healing in 2013 (it was a prize I got when I joined your Protons challenge in February 2013), and I just want to thank you for instilling in me the practice of gratitude. When I completed the challenge that time, amazing blessings began to overflow. I wasn’t really able to thank you then. But now that it’s instilled in me, I want you to know how much I appreciate you for sharing your gifts, your talents and blessings to people who want to create the best versions of themselves. Please continue inspiring, guiding and helping people. I also trained to be a life coach for a time, would sometimes get invited to do motivational talks, would life coach some people once in a while, and I am currently working on a gratitude journal that I want to share publicly in 2019. But just to let you know, you were my very first life coach, you helped me so much and you continue to inspire me. You are beautiful and you are a great blessing to many. RACHELLE

I had a short session with Kimi when I wanted to quit my corporate job, she helped me realize what I needed to do. Her positive energy is contagious, after a session with her you just feel good about yourself. Even her posts on social media serve as good reminders to be happy and grateful. We need more Kimi Lu in this world! SAM

Kimi is one of the most positive people I have ever encountered and am grateful to have met and worked with. I had just quit my job and it’s really right when they say that God will send you the right people. When I saw that she was going to have a Protons meetup in London, I didn’t think twice about offering my help.

My first workshop with her and the London meetup was both life-enriching. If you ever need to recharge or find yourself at a crossroads, I urge you to check out any of the events she has lined up or message her for a one-on-one session. If there is something that we can have a lot of, it is positivity. JANIS

I’m one of your many inspired followers and I just want to send you a quick heartfelt thanks for being a constant reminder to be #grateful everyday. Your emails and posts helped me throughout one of the most difficult times of my life yet, and you made me realize that I deserve to be happy despite everything else, and feeling “down” should not stop myself from helping spread love to family and friends and show my appreciation for them. I have become a more positive person now and I still enjoy reading your emails and messages and looking at your posts and photos, always making me remember to be happy, positive and grateful. Thank you and keep spreading love! 😘 GAIL

When i first went to Kimi Lu, i was this disoriented lawyer-working-mom to a 3 year old who thought that she is carrying the world’s burden as if her domestic problems are the worst problems anyone can have. I was ungrateful, short-tempered, and narrow-minded.

I am still faced with day to day challenges. Well, everyone is. But now i am more accepting, more grateful, and enjoying every bit of thing-good or bad-that comes my way. MYRA

I have really changed for the better now. I am more of a happy person, I’m more approachable and looks like I’m now willing to meet new people and make new friends. I also started to appreciate things around me even the weirdest things, I became grateful about it. And it’s really good that I started the year right, like, seriously this time. MARIZ JUNIO

You know the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”? In the last quarter of 2013, I found out that it’s true. I wanted to learn how to be happy, Kimi came along to teach me. We did many things that were simple but made a load of difference in my life. She taught me how to set goals, reenergize, love myself more, and the simplest yet most important lesson of them all, how to be happy. Before meeting her, I thought happiness was something I should wait for, something I did not deserve. Kimi taught me, otherwise. Because of her I learned that happiness is a choice, and that if I want it, I don’t have to take great lengths to get it. MARJORIE G

Some people are just magical, and my life coach is! I’d hate to share her with the rest of the world, but she’s too precious not be told about. You need not have something wrong to get wonderful professional help. The beauty of a life coach is that you could be perfectly OK and she makes it much much OK-ier! It’s about balance, happiness, success, and all those wonderful proton-filled stuff! It’s like having the perfect contractor as you design your dream life and make it real! CHAL CHANG LONTOC - DEL ROSARIO

When I signed up, I didn’t expect much from Kimi’s #ConfidenceBoostProgram. All I know is that I needed a boost of confidence 🙂 because my self-esteem was shot due to all I’ve been through these past months. Little did I know that I would gain more than just confidence in so short a time doing these one-on-ones with Kimi. I got to see myself in a different light, I got to remember myself again (because I’ve forgotten that I am Spirit having a human experience), I got to believing in myself again (yay!), but most importantly, I got reconnected to the Divine. I realized, through the process, that there’s still so much spirituality out there that I need to learn and re-learn again. I’m so glad I listened to the guidance and went to Kimi. Thank you! 😘


It was December 2015, when I first signed up for Kimi’s one on one session and probably, one of the best decisions I made. After that one on one, I got the chance to cover her events and I’m so thankful that some of my “right place, right time with right people” were on those workshops. For someone who grew up surrounded with adults telling me that there is no money in arts and I have no future in it, I am grateful to be in a room where I got to be reminded of passion, purpose, beauty, and the bliss that comes with accepting who you are, going after who you want to be, how pausing and cleansing can make a difference and that yes, life is worth celebrating.

In a room full of negative people, I am thankful there’s Kimi and maybe she can also be the one that you’re looking for? MYRA

I asked Kimi to be my life coach mentor in 2017. I possibly bugged her online and asked random questions about being a life coach myself. I live in Las Vegas, and I know she lives in Manila. I was determined to have her as my very own life coach because her energy was so exponential, the vibe was right even online! So, together we made it happen and it was such a turning point in my transition from a misaligned career to something that was truly a magnitude of greatness.

She worked with me in bringing out the celebration of my current self and life coach training. It was because of her that I am reminded of anything and everything is positively possible. It is because of her, that when things go in different directions–she whispers in my head “You are exactly where you need to be”

I’m sure there a lot of people out there that had their lives changed because of Kimi, and I want to say that she brought me back to mine. TONI COLLANTES

I think I was one of, if not the first client of Kimilu. I met her in one of those popular bars at the fort almost 8 years ago perhaps. I didn’t believe her at first — thinking she was just that kind of “party girl”. I met her a few days later, and the rest is history. Not only did she help me discover myself and balance my life, I also gained such a wonderful, positive, energetic, hilarious friend. Thanks Kimilu! GIO DIMAYUGA

Kimi is a skillful coach who has helped me to really think about what was missing in my life and take steps to include activities that would keep me on the road to self-discovery. With her insightful questions and great listening skills, she has helped me my focus on improving my character, set my priorities straight and to just let go of certian things and be happy.

Kimi has a lot to give and I encourage anyone/YOU to benefit from her coaching. Thank you so much, Kimi. 🙂 NIKKI DUQUE

I have known Kimi for years and she always struck me as someone very happy. And i told myself I would like to be that happy too. It took me life-changing experiences (getting married, becoming a wife, being a mom, having a miscarriage, etc) before I finally realized what I had to do to be that happy, and that is: simply to be grateful.

Joining the gratefulprotons29 challenge has helped me realize to be grateful for everything in my life. Indeed, a grateful life is a happy life. Thank you for helping me in becoming a happier person 🙂 KRYSTLE YALONG-SANTOS

Kimi has helped me find the strength within me to make one of the biggest decisions in my life. She has also helped me “heal” some of the wounds I’ve had in my past. There is no shame in asking for help…trust me, you will be a better person because of it. MAUI REYES-DRILON

My life coach, Kimi, has really helped me to enjoy life more. I used to be self-conscious and worried to almost anything. She has helped me turn my stressful way of thinking into a renewed confidence. My deep pessimism turned into optimistic thoughts about myself and other people as well. She taught me to enjoy life more by living one day at a time. ALEX YAO

I would recommend reiki for any business person looking to achieve a more balanced and stress free outlook. One will also find it easier to clearly focus on the most important business and personal goals after each session with Kimilu. GARY COOPER

I’m thankful for having a Reiki Master friend! Reiki for me is like a mental and spiritual detox, it provides me the balance that I need after absorbing all the negativity that I encounter everyday. I recommend it to people who want to relax in a different way. DOM HERNANDEZ