About Kimi

Oh, hello there, friend! Allow me to introduce myself.

First of all, I like to call my friends #protons, because I believe that we are all positively charged beings. Some are already sparking off with light, while some are still waiting to be plugged in. I used to be the latter.

I was once lost myself. I would cry for no reason, hating my desk job, and wanting something else—but I couldn’t figure out what. I realized that I needed someone to guide me in life—someone to “coach” me to help me through it. I needed a life coach.  At that time there were no life coaches in Manila. Then I realized: I could be a life coach!

So in 2010, I went to San Diego, California, and trained at the Bennet Stellar University to be licensed as a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy Life Coach, and Reiki Master Practitioner. I was then initiated with “Angels” at the Spiritual Unfoldment Network in Manhattan, New York City. And in 2012, I upgraded my practice by learning BioDynamic Breathwork with Urban Breath New York, practiced Meditation at The Art of Living Center New York, and trained to become a StoryTeller at The Story Studio New York. In 2017, I then took another certification course, John Maxwell’s Success Blueprint in Singapore to expand and strengthen my corporate services.  This 2018, I plan to become a certified NIA White Belt Instructor so that I may integrate movement with all of the workshops I’m co-creating with other individuals with different expertise.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting to learn more!

I can tell you now that I have truly found my passion and I don’t think I’ll ever stop helping #protons light up! I am a fervent believer of celebrating one’s self healthily, believing in the power of becoming and loving who you are. I love helping people find their purpose in life. I have so much faith in positivity and how it can improve your life. I have #protons come to me from all walks of life and from a wide range of age. I am blisstified each time they walk out of the healing space with a smile on their face.

I hope to see you soon!

Your Life Coach,